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“Helping you to feel calm, balanced, in control and fully alive to every precious moment in your life"

About Me

Hi, I’m Anna, for the last two decades I have been committed to the personal and professional growth of others.

I sincerely believe that everyone deserves to feel safe enough to be who they want to be; to be authentic, to do what they dream of and to have the life they wish for. Life is just too short and precious for anything else.

I provide bespoke coaching programmes, in conjunction with mindfulness workshops, to help people bring balance to their life. To feel calmer and healthier, drop unhelpful habits and thinking, to regain control, confidence and reclaim a sense of identity.


How Coaching Mindfully works

I bring coaching and mindfulness together so that you can start to be calm and grounded. From this space of self awareness we can explore your situation, mindset and behaviours, dropping anything that isn't working, so that you can feel and act inline with the person you want to be.


Take a moment to ask yourself...


Do you feel that you are rushing through life and missing precious moments?


Finding it challenging juggling different demands and roles?


Plagued with
self-doubt and feelings you are not good enough?


Feel close to burn out? Overwhelmed? Starting to react in ways that aren't you?


Lost a sense of  'you' beyond mum, employee or partner?

If the answer is YES to any of these then how about getting in contact and we can explore together how to solve this.



“Anna has been an incredible support for me over the past few months. In many ways, she has helped me to see what's important in my life through her highly skilled ways of moving my thinking forward.

Through coaching, Anna has opened my eyes to the burdens I was carrying. She made feel safe at all times and I cannot thank her enough for the enormous clarity I am now able to access. My mindset was so fixed before my coaching with Anna and now I am able to resolve and notice competitive thoughts as they arise.

 Anna has helped me shift barriers and now I am able to make decisions that reflect who I truly am.  I cannot recommend her enough.”

Let's talk

Click HERE to contact me for your discovery session.

Totally free, zero pressure, 100% focused on how I can support you.


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