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This journey to support the growth and wellbeing of others started back in 2000 when I trained as an Occupational Therapist, going on to work for over 10 years with people recovering from mental illness. I went on in 2004 to train as a life coach, being attracted to the underpinning ethos of coaching, that a ‘client knows the answers to their problems’. I loved this empowerment to the client and I felt it had been missing as a therapist. 


In 2007 mindfulness came into my life, providing me the space and resource (that I didn't know) I needed, and setting the foundation to become a mindfulness coach. I studied with the reputable Mindfulness School, Bangor University, where I completed teacher training of the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme. 


Since then I have facilitated coaching and mindfulness in lots of settings both within the UK and Thailand, where I lived for 4 years.  Working with large organisations such as the NHS and charities including Mind and Change Grow Live (CGL), as well as school settings and private clients.  With experience of over 800 hours of individual private coaching sessions and shed loads of experience facilitating mindfulness workshops, I think it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about supporting people with their wellbeing.


And just so you know I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and follow the mindfulness meditation good practice guidelines. I receive regular supervision from a trained supervisor to ensure both my coaching and mindfulness are top notch. 


I’m guessing, if you are here, you’re on a personal journey to grow and flourish. It’s lucky we’ve found each other because for the past 20 years my purpose has been to help people develop the skills and confidence to overcome the curve balls that life throws at them. To blossom despite, or even because of, these challenges.  I feel that I am able to support and help other people reclaim their life because I can, hand on heart, say I have been there, having very much wrestled my own’ life crocodiles’.   


I spent years being an amazing human ‘doing’ rather than a human ‘being’, going through my days at 90 mph. I felt on the outside that my busyness was a strength, but on the inside was a mess! I felt out of control and just reacted to what was going on around me, flitting from guilt of not doing enough to cramming my days with friends, gym, stuff to compensate. I knew it wasn't sustainable, I lived on the edge of burnout for ages, but I also had no idea how to stop this cycle!

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My breaking point came when I was encouraged by a friend into attending a mindfulness meditation course. Not only did it make me realise how unhappy I actually was, it also made me realise I did have a choice over how I lived my life and it gave a taste of slowing down, of feeling in control and being properly alive. I walked away realising that I wanted more, not only that, I wanted others to experience this too! This became my drive, to empower people with the skills to feel calm and in control. To look after their health and wellbeing, and drop habits, such as the ‘busy badge’ that rarely services us wel!


Since then I have become a mum, and now have an energetic two year old called Rita. Being a working mum I feel first hand the challenges of the ‘juggle struggle’ and how loaded with guilt, pressure, uncertainty and exhaustion all this can feel if you don't take care of yourself. For this reason I hold a special passion for supporting working women reclaim their balance and finesse. 

My values

One of the important things in life is being clear on your values. They can act as a compass or a light house when you are lost. This is something we will explore together in our sessions, however, so you get to know me better, here's mine:


I value…

  • Being brave and living an authentic life

  • Justice and equality

  • Everyone has the opportunity to grow

  • Doing our best to not give two hoots what other people think (whilst being 100% kind)

  • Community, connections and working together for growth through change

  • Having fun and laughs along the way!

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