About the journey

I know if you haven't been coached before then it can be a little daunting not knowing what will happen.

So let’s explore what you can expect:

Ultimately you are here because you want something to be different and change will definitely happen with us working together. My promise is that it will involve changes that are meaningful, important and takes you in the right direction.



Sessions are going to push and challenge you, some of what I ask may be uncomfortable, because it requires you to really think, often in ways you are not used to. However being slightly uncomfortable is great, because this means you are being stretched, and stretching means growing!


Feeling uncomfortable (which is good)

Our work together isn't a bandaid on the surface. This is about you internalising and owning the skills you need to handle the challenges ahead. Your head and heart will become your best friends and you will take away life long skills to support your wellbeing.


Learning new skills from the inside

People who learn mindfulness skills feel that the ‘vibrance dial’ of life has been notched up. Day to day you are likely to feel more alert, conscious and aware of what's going on. All definitely making you feel more alive.


To feel more alive

High emotions mean that what is being explored in the session matters to you and that's important. I can promise you I have dealt with a lot of tears before so no apologising.

Too often we label emotions as good or bad, and try to switch off from those that don't feel nice. However all emotions are important, they are part of the full spectrum of being a human, the key is to learn how to handle them. Our sessions will do just that, giving you the skills to cope with strong feelings without letting them knock you off your feet, allowing you to feel more in control of your life.


That it will get emotional, and that's good!

Between sessions you will have things to do, to try out, practice or reflect on. The success of the programme depends on you putting in the work during these times. Your learning and self awareness will be ramped up if so and you will get the results you deserve far quicker. However its not going to feel like the boring stuff you got at school, this stuff will make you feel great and that you are growing, inside and out.


Having homework

Our sessions will be grounded in what YOU need, what YOUR priority is and moving forward in areas important to YOU. I have loads of experience, skills and tools to bring to the sessions but ultimately we will work towards what your goals are: This is your space to get what you want, so dream big.


The journey being tailored to you




“Anna has been an incredible support for me over the past few months. In many ways, she has helped me to see what's important in my life through her highly skilled ways of moving my thinking forward.

Through coaching, Anna has opened my eyes to the burdens I was carrying. She made feel safe at all times and I cannot thank her enough for the enormous clarity I am now able to access. My mindset was so fixed before my coaching with Anna and now I am able to resolve and notice competitive thoughts as they arise.

 Anna has helped me shift barriers and now I am able to make decisions that reflect who I truly am.  I cannot recommend her enough.”

Let's talk

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