Frequently asked questions


Sessions can be on skype or Zoom.


You will need a space where you are not disturbed and feel comfortable talking openly.

It is recommended not to book anything in your diary straight away afterwards. Our sessions are likely to bring up a lot of thoughts, feelings and actions so you may want some time to digest all this.


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We will use the first session to explore what's not working for you currently and where you want to be, my invitation to you will be to dream big as our work together will involve getting you there. 

The content of sessions will vary depending on your needs and priorities. We may cover things like coping with stressful situations, managing difficult conversations, overcoming limiting belief or connecting with your strengths and values. After each session you will have some actions to work through that will get you fired up and moving forward in the right direction.

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How often, how many sessions and how much?

From my years as a Coach I have seen that one off sessions are great, but are a bit like a band aid, they give some relief however don't give the space to dig deep, get to the crux of the issue and support lasting change.  

My coaching is offered in a 3 month programme, providing time to really go on this journey of transformation together. This allows time to explore the barriers holding you back and skills to move you forward, thus ensuring that you have life long, lasting change after our work together. 

During the 3 month programme we will have 10 sessions together, of 90 minutes each. In addition to this I will give you support via email, voicemail or text to help keep you on track. 

I offer a 30 minute "discovery” call, which is basically a mini coaching session, during which you can find out what coaching can do for you and ensure we are a good fit. 

There are different prices for the 3 month programme that we can discuss when we talk with each other.

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How is counselling different to coaching?

So counselling and coaching are similar in that they both provide a confidential space, with a qualified professional, to talk about your situation. However, whereas counselling focuses predominantly on the past, coaching explores what you want in the future, working on solutions to get you there. The past is discussed but more as an opportunity to learn and grow from. 

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What if coaching isn't for me?

If you are reading this then I am assuming you want something to change in your life. 

If you are reading this then I can also assume you are motivated to change.  Maybe your shelves are packed full of self improvement books or you have motivational quotes on the wall. However, despite this you haven't been able to have the breakthrough you want.  

Would you be happy if things continue like this? Or will you mourn for the life you could have if you had the tools to change? 

Let me (metaphorically!) hold your hand and help you get to where you want to be in life, be that through personal or professional changes, big goals, or attitude shifts. I’ve got your back...

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