Mindful Mums Programme

If you are a mother who has lost the balance, calmness and clarity in your life. Or if you fear that you are missing precious moments because you are so busy, I hear you, I know, it's tough! And a lot of women feel in a similar position, they feel stressed, guilty, busy, always rushing, exhausted and know that how things are not sustainable, that burnout is not far away.

Mindful Mums Coaching Programme

The 3 month programme I offer is designed to address all these areas and more. 

The individual, weekly sessions are bespoke and tailored to your needs, drawing on a range of psychologically-grounded coaching frameworks, philosophies and techniques. 

Sessions are creative and engaging to encourage a ‘whole-brain’ approach. This will enable you to step out of stagnant thinking and habits.

From our work you can expect to:

  • Learn how to keep calm in the day

  • Slow down and savour the moment with your children

  • Let go of guilt

  • Reclaim balance in your life

  • Develop strategies to cope with work more efficiently

  • Reestablish a sense of identity, beyond mum

  • Respond in ways alined to the parent you want to be

  • Feel not just confident but  love yourself, what you do and how you are.

  • Develop a daily meditation practice (if you wish) 

Hear that little voice inside of you crying out and saying ‘yes please, I want some of that?

Why don't you give yourself permission to listen to it?

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