• Anna Croucher

Finding your passion

Have you ever waited 20 minutes for a bus and then suddenly 3 come at once?

Well have you ever noticed this pattern in life? We don't know about something and suddenly, as soon as we discover it, it’s everywhere (That was like me with jelly shoes in the 90s, luckily that phase passed quickly!)

Over the last 6 months the Ikigai has been popping up everywhere I turn, for a good reason!

It's a great tool!

Ikigai is Japanese, and is pronounced Ick-ee-guy. If you ask yourself what your reason to jump out of bed in the morning is, that is what the Japanese call “Ikigai”. It means to find a meaning in life that makes us feel happy and enjoy all parts of life.

Because why shouldn't we love our lives?

More and more clients are coming to me because they want a “kinder egg” life

Remember the line from the advert, “something exciting and a toy? And some chocolate?” What Three wishes? Well Kinder eggs deliver on that…

Why can’t we have the same with our career: Purpose, profit AND passion?

The Ikigai helps us find just that focus.

Mapping mine there weren't too many surprises as I am super excited to say that after some twists and turns I feel I am in the area of work I flourish in and want to be.

However what it does is really help consolidate the WHY behind my profession and reinforce that this wasn't just luck getting here, that it was the result of value driven choices, rather than a lot of knee jerk actions that it can sometimes feel like.

When you live in your Ikigai life just flows! Things feel great! Your work nourishes you..

As I put it the other day I have never worked so hard in my life AND everyday seems like a holiday. This feels like I am in living a life by Ikigai!

Want to map your own Ikigai? Start by asking these questions…

  1. What do I love?

  2. What am I good at?

  3. What can I be paid for?

  4. What does the world need?

Consider these ikigai questions as a prompt to begin your journey. You may not get that Aha Moment straight away but it’s the start of a process to uncover your Ikigai, and I promise you, this is going to be worth it!

If you are stuck with how to approach your Ikigai drop me a message and I can help you start this journey.

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